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Beautician Training – What You Need To Know

Posted by Courtney

Thinking about exploring a new career path but not quite sure which direction to go? Have a talent with make up and manicures but you’re not sure how to turn that into profit? Check out local schools and colleges in your area that offer “beautician training”, also known as “beauty therapist” training to see if maybe this is the right job for you.

What is Beautician Training?

Beautician training involves a vast array of different tools and techniques that are taught to a beautician-in-training so that any clients may receive a full-on and complete beauty service. This means that areas like the face, hands, feet and the entire body are treated, such as learning how to give many of the different styles of manicures (including adding acrylic or gel nails, painting nails, removing cuticles, etc.) and pedicures, facial treatments, complete make overs and hair removal (such as waxing, plucking, or in some places laser hair removal).

Many of the best beauty schools also offer several courses in massage and aromatherapy.

What are some Qualities a Beautician should Have?

The most successful of beauticians are, first and foremost, very outgoing and friendly. This ensures that your clients are put at ease with you, increases their trust in you and your skills, and also helps build a rapport so that you can be sure they will come back and ask for them in a month or two for your beauty needs.

It is important for a beautician to also have a keen ear and to ask the client what he or she wants, clarify what he or she wants, and follow up with a client after treatment to ensure that they are satisfied.

Being able to stand up for rather long periods of time is also a quality that is necessary. Several beauticians will tell you that they often spend their entire 8 to 10 hour shift on their feet!

Having a bit of a creative and artistic flair will go a long way in making you one of the best beauticians in town.

Lastly, and the least thought about quality is being a salesman or saleswoman. Remember, any salon you are working for is trying to market specific line of products. You being able to sell these products to your clients will make both your employer happy and YOU happy when you receive that commission check.

How do I Choose a Beautician Training School?

Most colleges that offer beautician training offer a 1-2 year program in beauty, though if you would like to acquire your beautician certificate faster than that you can also find colleges that offer a more intensive 6 month training program.

Be sure to check out the school and the campus to be sure that you will enjoy attending your lessons there, and always ensure that the school you are choosing is reputable and well known in the industry. This will not only guarantee that you are receiving the best quality of training, but employers will also be able to immediately recognize the school name which improves your chances of being hired.

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