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How to Apply your Own Acrylic Toe Nails

Posted by Courtney

If acrylic fingernails are “okay” to have put onto our fingers, why not have acrylic toe nails glued to our toes? As almost any woman (and man) will tell you, they think that their feet are, well, one of their less attractive body parts.

Toe nails are a big part of the problem, given that they tend to yellow, split, break, and discolor to odd shades rather easily. Some people have even had toe nails come off completely and need a “replacement” nail until their full toe nail grows back! This is why many women, when spring and summer roll around, opt to apply acrylic toe nails to their feet.

You can either spend a ton of cash in a salon or you can choose to apply acrylic toe nails in the comfort of your very own home. If you have ever applied fake nails to your fingers, then applying acrylic toe nails shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Step One: Preparation

Begin by ensuring that your feet are clean. Try using an anti-bacterial soap to wash them up well and prevent any fungal or bacterial growths. Next, pour the acrylic liquid into a container using a manicurist Orange Stick. File down your natural toe nails and push those cuticles up. Trim your cuticles with a cuticle trimmer when needed.

“Roughing up” the surface of your toe nail will go a long way in having the acrylic toe nail stay on your foot, so be sure to run a 150 grid file over your toe nail briefly to give it a rough texture. Then, dust off your toe nails and apply a dehydrator or a pre-primer to your toe nails so that they are kept moisturized. Wipe any of that excess primer off with a paper towel.

Step Two: The Application

Start off by dipping your brush into a “monomer” solution, also referred to as an acrylic liquid. Pick an acrylic powder, a “polymer”, using one side of the brush. After you remove the excess acrylic liquid, apply the first large and firm ball of acrylic mixture onto the free edge of your toe nail. Press from to the very top of the toe nail to help ensure that the mixture stays flat and evenly distributed. Now, shape the mixture you have applied, ensuring that the walls of the acrylic toe nail match up with your natural side walls and then press on the top to make it fit.

Now, apply the second ball of acrylic mixture onto your cuticle line and drag that mixture right to the free edge of your acrylic toe nail. Press you brush against the cuticle line so that the mixture is thinner, and then apply the third ball of the acrylic mixture onto the stress point of your toe nails (this is the highest edge of your nail plate). From there, it’s all a matter of waiting for the acrylic to harden. Pinch the edge of the side walls to help curve the acrylic toe nails to your natural nails.

TIP: If you have never applied acrylic toe nails before, it may be a good idea to have a professional do it the first time. Then you can watch what they’re doing and ask any questions necessary for you to be able to do it yourself.

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