How to Get the Sexy Vampire Makeup

Posted by Courtney

Gone are the days when vampires appeared to have dark grey or green skin and ran around in long capes and had pointy ears. With the advent of vampires entering into today’s pop culture, almost everyone wants to be able to apply sexy vampire makeup so that they can get that sexy vampire look!

The new vampire of the 21st century is more gothic and human in appearance than the older versions. This is all about using subtle shades of makeup and utilizing shading techniques to create a more gaunt look, or using a bright red lipstick to give the impression of just having feasted on a victim’s neck. Check out the steps below on how to get that hot vampire look:

1) No matter how fair or how dark your skin may be, you will want to try and find a foundation that is a few shades lighter than your natural complexion. For the very fair people out there, this may mean dipping into costume makeup to try and further lighten up your skin tone. The goal here is to give your skin a waxy, never-seen-the-sun look.

2) Apply the foundation to your fingers or a makeup sponge, and then begin to blend it onto your face, neck and your chest.

3) Use a light powder to set the makeup. In a pinch, you can try using some baby powder or even a light sprinkling of corn starch.

4) Now it’s time to move on to the eyes. Vampire eyes can come in a number of different forms, though the two most popular makeup styles are smoky eyes or sexy cat eyes. For the best vampire effect, try using a liquid liner that comes in a midnight black shade or a really intense purple. Line the base of your upper and bottom lashes and continue to add more liquid liner until you have gotten your desired effect.

5) While applying your liquid liner, use a wet eyeliner brush to then extend the liquid liner down your cheeks, so as to create a tear streaked effect.

6) Next, take a red eyeshadow and apply it to the rims of your eyes for a scary yet sexy look.

7) For your lips, grab a deep red shade or a berry shade of lipstick and smudge it onto your lips and outside of the lip line. This will help give you the effect of just having enjoyed sucking the blood from someone’s neck!

Be sure to carry some lipstick and white powder in your bag so that you can continually refresh your makeup and fix it up as the night goes on.

You can add some fangs and some false eye lashes to even further enhance your look. A lot of sexy vampires this season will also be wearing colored contacts, so grab a pair of white, red or even light purple color contacts to really stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to invest in a wig to wear and can put your hair up in a sexy, messy up-do or keep it down and straight or with loose curls.

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