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How to Remove Gel Nails

Posted by Courtney

Removing any false nails – whether they are acrylic, gel, fiberglass, or “other” – can be a bit of a pain, especially when you need to make that appointment with your manicurist to have it done.

You can remove your gel nails at home, though you will need to take special care when doing so as you do not want to damage your nail and nail bed, something which can cause irreversible damage. If you are thinking of how to remove gel nails from the comfort of your home, read the steps below before you begin pulling and filing away.

1. Begin by filing the gel nail off with a medium grit nail file. You will want to keep filing away at the gel nail until only a very thin layer of gel is left on the nail. File gently and in one direction if possible so that you do not risk damaging your natural nail that is beneath the gel nail.

2. Next, take some UV gel nail remover and warm it under warm running water for about 5 minutes or so. You will want to be sure that the gel is warm to the touch, but not scalding or ice cold.

3. Take a small glass bowl or porcelain bowl and then pour enough remover into the bowl so that your nails will be covered when they are submerged.

4. Get comfortable! Place your nails – and only your nails, if possible – into the remover until the gel softens. This may take several minutes, so relax in front of the television or get cozy and take a cat nap.

5. Next, take your orange stick and then gently begin to scrap away at the gel while your nails are still in the UV gel nail remover. If you do remove your nails from the UV gel remover solution, then your risk the gel hardening again (and this can happen far more quickly than you may think!).

6. Finish off by drying your hands with paper towels (you will not want to use your good towels as you may stain or even completely destroy them!).

7. Once your hands are dry, take a nail buffer and buff them until you are certain that all of the UV gel nail tip or nail has been completely removed. Your nails should feel smooth and not rough if you have done a good job buffing them.

8. Follow up with treating your nails with a moisturizing agent, such as a conditioning nail oil and/or a thick and luxurious hand lotion. Your nails will be quite damaged after the removal process, whether done in a salon or at home, so take special care to keep your nails moisturized and in good condition.

For the next couple of weeks after your gel nails are removed, take extra good care of your hands! Always wash up with an anti bacterial soap as your nails have lost several layers of keratin, thus leaving your nail beds more exposed to fungal and bacterial infections. Make sure you do give your natural nails a good 2-4 week break after any gel nail removal so that your natural nails can “regroup” and re-strengthen.

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