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Is Pink Eyeshadow Right for Me?

Posted by Courtney

If you are like most women and girls out there, you absolutely love the color pink. It is a color that helps define our femininity and sets us apart from this otherwise rather masculine world. When it comes to applying pink eyeshadow, however, it can be a bit daunting.

Pink eyeshadow shades come in a number of colors and different textures, from super sheer and extremely light in color to opaque and extremely bright. No matter what the shade of pink and texture that you choose, you too can pull off pink eyeshadow.

Who Pink Eyeshadow Works Best for

Though almost any skin complexion and eye color can pull of pink eyeshadow, anyone with a fair, cool complexion and blue eyes will be able to easily pull off pink eyeshadow with very little effort. Anyone with darker skin that also has a cooler, more blue undertone can easily wear pink eyeshadow of any shade (regardless of eye color). As with any sort of color of eyeshadow, however, never take anyone’s word for it. Try a tester of the color, hold it up to your face and look in the mirror. If you think it looks great, then definitely use it!

Different Shades of Pink

The lighter shade of any eyeshadow, the “safer” it is to use. Almost anyone can use a very pale or light shade of pink eyeshadow, especially if it is very sheer and shimmery. This type of pink eyeshadow can be used as a highlighter, or as a base shade of eyeshadow for almost all skin types and skin tones out there. To use as a highlighter, simply apply the sheer and shimmery pink eyeshadow to your brow bone and to the corner of your eyes to add some extra definition and youthfulness to your look. If you are using it as a base, cover your entire eyelid up to the brow bone in pink eyeshadow.

Medium shades of pink are great for any skin tone, depending on the “undertone” of the pink eyeshadow that you are using. If you happen to have a warmer skin tone, go for pink skin tones that have a more “orange” or “red” undertone to them. Should you happen to have a cooler skin tone, then go for pink tones that have a cooler or more blue undertone to them.

TIP: To draw out the undertones of your own skin, get in front of a mirror and hold a blank white sheet of paper up to your face. You should then be able to see if you happen to have a more blue, cooler complexion or a warmer, more golden or orange toned complexion. It is also is possible for you to have both blue and golden undertones in which case you can probably pull off any pink eyeshadow out there

As for bold and bright neon pinks, for those who are brave enough to wear these trendy and fashionable colors, all power to you! Those with blue and brown eyes tend to be able to wear the bright, bold shades of pink eyeshadow best, but always test it out to see what will and what won’t work for you.

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