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What’s the Deal with Lipstick Sealer?

Posted by Courtney

Tired of having lipstick that bleeds and comes off after an hour or two? Want to be able to enjoy a meal or even a drink without your lipstick getting all over everything? Or how about kissing your date without leaving your lipstick behind on their face, their lips, or their favorite shirt? Thankfully an innovative product was created and has been produced by most cosmetic companies out there to help keep your lipstick in place. These situations are exactly when you will need to apply some lipstick sealer to your lips.

What is it in Lipstick Sealer that “Seals” your Lipstick?

The ingredient in both lipsticks and lipstick sealers that make your lipstick last long is a “silicone” oil that is added to the product. Lipstick sealers are usually preferable to make your lipstick last long, as opposed to buying “long lasting lipstick” because the lipstick sealer contains less wax and more oil. As a result of there being more oil, your lips look shinier and plumper than if you were to use a “long lasting” lipstick brand or shade.

How do I Apply a Lipstick Sealer?

Begin to applying the lipstick shade of our choice. Once the lipstick has been applied, all you need to do is run the lipstick sealer overtop of the lipstick and give it a few seconds to set. After that, you will be able to apply any sort of gloss (if you choose to) and your lips will be smudge proof!

Will Lipstick Sealer help Keep my Lipstick from Bleeding?

Yes, lipstick stealer will definitely help keep your lipstick from bleeding outside of the lip line, though it is always a good idea to also:

a) Apply a lip liner that is a similar shade to your lipstick to the outside of your lips. The lip liner is waxier than your lipstick, which helps keep in the shade and keeps it from bleeding outside of your lip line or into any small creases or wrinkles that may be present.
b) Powder the lip line after you have applied the first coat of color, and then reapply the lipstick.

Is there Any Way I can Make my Lips Smudge-Proof without a Professional Sealer?

Fortunately, if you are ever in a pinch and don’t happen to have a professional sealer on hand, than you can use a couple of time-tested homemade tactics to try and set your lipstick.

To use this method to set your lipstick, what you need to do is to first apply the lipstick you have chosen. Once you have done that, grab an ice cube from the freezer and rub it over your lips to seal the color. Rub it over a couple of times to set it and then you’re ready to go!

After you have applied your lipstick, take you facial powder and ever so lightly dust it over your lips. You do not need to press your lips together; just give it a few seconds to seal and you’re ready to go!

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