Do you want a flat stomach in just a week? With these clever slimming tricks, you can easily crack three kilos in seven days.

Even if your plane takes off to the south next week: There is enough time to get your belly into a sexy bikini shape in an urgent way. On the one hand, with the help of a new weight loss strategy (don’t worry: starvation and marathons are omitted). On the other hand, thanks to a lightning diet, your body supplies exactly those power ingredients for a week that it needs to melt the fat deposits in the abdominal region and crack a fabulous two to three kilos.

The linchpin: millet, yogurt, whey, brewer’s yeast, and ginger – five of the right things that boost the metabolism, tighten the connective tissue, and firm the skin. So take another good look at your little tummy because in a week, it will be gone – and nothing stands in the way of a flat stomach.

Slimming trick one for a flat stomach: Whole grains shape the center of the body

Because the metabolic activity of the inner fat cells around the abdominal region is very high, you can get rid of a slight bulge here faster than a Rubens bottom, on which the sluggish, outer fat deposits accumulate.

A new study by the University of Pennsylvania proves: Dietary fiber, in particular, can stimulate the metabolism of fat cells even more. Mandatory from today: eat lots of whole-grain products.

Slimming trick two for a flat stomach: Let go out

Love handles are not always to blame for pinching your favorite jeans. The problem often lies more profound in the digestive tract, where a sluggish bowel or flatulence causes a bulbous belly.

Experts know: It is often enough to take more time while eating to solve digestive problems. Because whoever gulps down his meal stressed automatically swallows a lot of air, which, in combination with fatty foods, overwhelms the intestines. Therefore, celebrate every feast in peace and rely on gut-friendly foods. They help you to get a flat stomach again in a flash.

Slim trick three for a flat stomach: Less cute

Quickly usable carbohydrates drive the insulin level up. According to the latest studies, this mainly slows down fat burning in the cells around the abdominal region.

So try to keep your hands off sweets, cakes, and lemonade and from foods that have different types of sugar such as fructose, glucose, dextrose, maltose, and sucrose at the top of the list of ingredients. Because the higher up a component is, the more of it is in it.

Diet products are not a substitute, as they usually contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which often increase the desire to eat. It is better to gradually get used to less sweet foods by gradually reducing the sugar content.

Tip: stay away from light products. On the one hand, you eat more of it unconsciously, because otherwise, the meal does not leave you feeling full. On the other hand, the calorie vacuum in low-fat foods is often filled with sugar.

Slimming trick four for a flat stomach: reduce stress

Do you rush from one appointment to the next all day, don’t give yourself and your body a break? “Shift down a gear,” advise Yale University researchers. Because according to their study, people with consistently high levels of stress gain around ten kilos in six years – especially on the stomach. The reason is that belly fat is adequate protection in stressful situations because the liver can quickly convert it into energy in emergencies.

The better alternative, of course, are relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. Those who practice it also lower the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood, which also increases appetite.

Slim trick five for a flat stomach: black on white

Diet experts agree: if you keep a food log, you eat around a quarter less. In addition, you get a better overview of the situations in which you are needlessly going overboard. But don’t wait until you’ve finished your meal! It is better to write down what you are going to eat before the meal. This gives you time to reflect on whether the dessert has to be.

Tip: sit down to eat. The body does not correctly register what is eaten while standing, in front of the television, or on the go. You’ll be hungry again sooner. A study shows: Standing eaters get 250 more calories in the day.

Slim trick six: Drink regularly

Use one of the easiest and most powerful ways to keep your stomach flat: drink still water. Or this slim water.

Scientists from the Berlin Charité found that just half an additional liter a day increases the calorie consumption by 50 extra calories. Trying to get down to two liters a day makes 200 extra calories. Drinking can also help save calories. Because: Because we have lost the natural feeling of satiety through frequent snacking, we often mistakenly interpret thirst as hunger.

So make it a rule always to have a glass of water before you raid the refrigerator. The same goes for meals. Drink first, then eat. So the stomach is already a bit full, and the first feeling of hunger is reduced.

Slimming trick seven: eat something every three hours

If there are more than five hours between the three main meals, the metabolism switches to the back burner and programs the cells to store fat for times of emergency. Experts warn what makes things even more complicated: The body signals to break down muscles to generate energy. That means: laboriously trained abdominal muscles are broken down to keep vital body functions running.

So it is better to eat little, but more often. In this way, you signal to the organism that there is plenty of food available, that it does not need to build up any reserves, and that old fat deposits can meltdown with peace of mind.

Tip: Slumber yourself slim. Insufficient sleep releases the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which increase appetite. Those who sleep less than four hours a night have a 73 percent higher risk of accumulating excess belly fat. Even better: sleep naked.