Home remedies – fighting cellulite with coffee – does it work? In the following, you will read why this home remedy is repeatedly traded as an orange peel killer and in what form you can use it.

Even if coffee alone is not enough to fight cellulite, it is a popular home remedy to support an anti-cellulite treatment. To achieve good results, body treatments with home remedies should always be accompanied by plenty of exercise and a healthy diet. Coffee can only have a supportive effect.

Coffee as a home remedy for cellulite: why actually?

The caffeine in coffee is a popular pick-me-up and has a blood circulation and drainage effect. When used on the skin, this should help tighten the weak connective tissue. The second great strength of the coffee is that it stimulates the metabolism and thus also stimulates fat loss. Many creams and peelings nowadays, therefore, contain caffeine – luckily, you can make a coffee peeling against orange peel yourself very quickly and, above all, cheaply.

Fight cellulite: massage with coffee grounds

You have two options for creating a skin-tightening peeling: Either you use the coffee grounds that were left in the filter of your coffee machine when you last brewed coffee, or you can use fresh coffee powder. The latter has a slightly more potent effect. Mix three tablespoons of the coffee grounds or powder with one tablespoon of olive oil and massage the skin on the buttocks. And thighs gently in all other areas affected by cellulite after showering with vigorous, circular movements after the massage, which can take several minutes, pour the powder with cold water.

Or you can use another home remedy to fight cellulite right afterward: alternating showers. You can then repeat the application up to twice a week if you wish.