Have you been a little over the top in the last few days? Here comes a quick detox plan that only takes a few hours to complete.

Hearty celebratory meals, raclette, and plenty of good wine – lately, we’ve been indulging in delicious things. But somehow, an unhealthy lifestyle is also something in the stomach. To start the new year freely and easily again, you can work minor miracles within a day. Just give it a try with our 8-hour detox day.

8 Hours Of Detox

First of all, you should get enough sleep, as recovery is essential for a successful detox. If possible, set the alarm clock to a later alarm time.

9 am.: When you wake up, avoid hectic behavior and take time to get up and relax. The cell phone and other electronic devices are taboo on detox days, especially in bed. It is better to lie quietly in bed for a few minutes and watch your breath. Does it flow in and out evenly?

9:30 am.: Drink a large glass of warm water with half a freshly squeezed lemon. Avoid drinking cold water or eating cold food as this puts an unnecessary strain on your digestion. 10:00 a.m .: Now it’s time to get your circulation going: alternate hot and cold showers or take a brisk walk in the fresh air.

11:00 am: Make yourself a large pot of tea. Chamomile, ginger, or red clover are particularly suitable. If you get hungry, you can have some warm porridge with some fruit and nuts. Recipe idea: Green Smoothie Bowl. Also, take chlorella, as its numerous B vitamins are helpful for the liver. The recommended dosage is 20 to 30 g per day, but beginners should start with 0.5-1 g.

1:00 pm.: For lunch, choose a soup or steamed vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, or spinach. A green smoothie with lots of healthy ingredients is also ideal as a filling snack. In general, don’t forget to drink enough (at least 2.5 liters)! Also, avoid foods that contain industrial sugar, such as ready-made meals.

2:00 pm.: Take another break in which you concentrate on your breathing and get rid of anything that may be a burden to you in a diary unit. If you feel fit enough, you can also practice relaxing yoga.

3:00 pm.: Eat a light soup or drink a smoothie.

4:30 pm.: It is now vital that you cleanse the lymphatic system through the skin. To do this, use an essential oil like lemon or oregano and mix it with a neutral base oil. Then use this mixture to massage your neck and throat area. You can then further detoxify your body by working your way up from your feet toward your heart with a dry brush. It would help if you ended the day relaxed, for example, with a warm detox bath.

Almost there! Go to bed early and be proud that you have made time for this soothing regimen. Your body and mind will thank you.