If you want to get tanned and you’re packing your swimsuit and beach umbrella – hold it. You may not be aware, but you’re exposing yourself to a great risk by lying under the Sun’s rays for a few hours, just to get that brown hue on your skin. The UV rays which reach your body are known to cause a variety of health complications, including skin cancer.

To avoid this, you can use a safe, temporary alternative to regular tanning – fake, or sunless, tanning. It involves a variety of procedures, and each of them can get your skin tanned nicely and with a natural look – they differ mainly in the duration of the effect and the specific color of the tan.

When using a fake tanning product at home, there are some important things to keep in mind. First, make sure that your skin is dry when you apply the tanning agent – but, at the same time, also make sure that you’ve moisturized it well a few hours ago. If your skin is too dry it won’t soak up the tanning agent evenly, and your tan will be full of dark and light spots.

A tanning mitt can save you a lot of hassle too – it allows you to spread the substance more evenly, without overdoing it in spots and getting your skin way too much in the orange shades. Plus, you’ll avoid staining your hands orange, which can easily give away that you’ve been using a fake tanning agent.

After the application of the product, you’ll need to carefully rub your body with a towel in some parts, where the skin absorbs more easily – knees, elbows, chin, ankles, and the wrists. As a finishing touch, repeat the procedure with the mitt, this time without applying any new agent – simply rub yourself with the dry mitt.

You may not get your desired results on the first try – sometimes you’ll mess up the application, or the product may be bad for your body type. You’ll really need to experiment with different fake tanning products until you find the one that suits you best. It’s recommendеd to start with DHA-based lotions at first, as they combine the tried and proven efficiency of DHA products, with the convenience of lotions.

Lotions can be difficult to apply if you’re inexperienced though – in this case, staining products may be better for you. Those work by actually applying paint to your skin, unlike DHA-based products which cause chemical reactions. With staining tanning agents, you can easily see if you’re overdoing it in a certain area and wash it off beforе it’s driеd up. With DHA-based products, you have much less time to act if you spot a mistake, so plan accordingly.

As a final note, never be afraid to try out a new look – tan yourself a bit more than usual, you never know when you might find your new favorite style.