Ayran has been one of the trend drinks of the last few years, but is the yogurt drink as healthy as its reputation, and is ayran good for weight loss? We’ll tell you. 

Ayran originally comes from Turkey, but it is also becoming more and more popular here. No wonder because the drink made from yogurt, water, and salt is said to be healthy and help you lose weight. But is Ayran such a magic drug for our body that makes us healthy and slim? We’re getting to the bottom of it. 

Is Ayran Really Healthy? 

Ayran is beneficial for our health on several levels: 

Ayran helps to neutralize heat: In Ayran’s homeland, Turkey, dishes are often spicy. And Ayran helps to make spicy food more digestible for the stomach. 

Easily digestible milk product: Ayran is a 2: 1 mixture of yogurt and water. Due to the water content, the drink has little lactose and is, therefore, one of the more easily digestible dairy products. 

Ayran Healthy Drink

Lots of calcium and phosphorus and little sugar: the yogurt drink has a high proportion of calcium and phosphorus. The two nutrients for strong bones and healthy teeth are found in other dairy products, but Ayran has low sugar content, unlike conventional dairy products. 

Salt and protein intake after exercise: After high physical exertion, it is essential to balance the sodium content again. Protein is necessary for building muscle. Ayran is, therefore, also the ideal drink after a workout. 

Probiotic effect: The lactic acid bacteria contained in Ayran are essential for healthy intestinal flora. Probiotics help the body fight off harmful pathogens. 

Is Ayran Good For Weight Loss? 

Ayran is said to have a supportive effect on a diet – and that is not a baseless rumor either. 

At 35 kilocalories per 100 grams, the yogurt drink has fewer calories and is less high in calories than other yogurt drinks. 

Ayran drink weight loss

In addition, Ayran hardly contains any sugar and is, therefore, the perfect low-carb product, especially for the evening. 

In addition, Ayran has a satiating effect due to the yogurt content. So it’s perfect for in-between. 

Ayran is, therefore, a healthy power drink that also helps us lose weight.