Do you want a flatter stomach and are wondering how you can lose your belly fat? We’ll tell you the best tips for weight loss and nutrition.

Losing belly fat is not that easy. Most of you have probably already noticed that. The reason: the love handles around the stomach are often stubborn. And losing weight at a specific point, unfortunately, doesn’t work out efficiently. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to declare war on annoying belly fat.

From the proper diet to creative exercises against belly fat – here you will find out how the dream of a flat stomach can finally come true.

Lose belly fat with the proper diet

In addition to the predisposition, the bacon rolls on the stomach are often due to an improper diet. Some foods promote belly fat. Others, on the other hand, help you lose it. You should reduce these foods in the future to lose belly fat effectively:

  • Simple carbohydrates (pasta and white bread)
  • Fast food (pizza, burger & Co.)
  • Sweets
  • Juices and soft drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks

Lose Belly Fat Through Low Carb Diet

Why sweets and fast food get in the way of a flat stomach is obvious: too much sugar, too much fat. But did you also know why pasta and cakes can make your big belly? This is due to the simple carbohydrates that are found in large quantities in these foods.

After consumption, carbohydrates are broken down into sugar in the body. For the blood to get into the cells supplied with new energy, the body has to produce large amounts of the hormone insulin. It’s an entirely normal process.

Unfortunately, a lot of insulin in the body has a slight catch: The hormone promotes fat storage in the abdominal region and inhibits fat burning. If you want to lose belly fat, you should avoid foods with simple carbohydrates as much as possible. Instead, use whole-grain products such as whole-grain pasta or whole-grain bread, which fill you up longer and are high in fiber.

Another great way to lose belly fat: is the low-carb diet. Foods with carbohydrates such as bread or pasta are reduced, but there is a lot of protein and fiber. You can find delicious low-carb recipes here!

Losing belly fat without exercise – is that possible?

In addition to the proper diet, exercise plays an essential role in fighting against bacon on the stomach. If you change your diet and stay away from sweets and the like, you may be able to lose belly fat without exercising. However, this takes significantly longer, and the stomach does not get really tight either: physical activity is essential.

Sport helps in several ways to declare war on belly fat: On the one hand, sport stimulates the metabolism. This means that the body burns more energy. Those who exercise regularly also build muscle, and muscles are an active body mass that uses up calories. And, of course, targeted fitness exercises help to tone the body and shape it nicely. Not to mention the fact that practice is naturally good for our health. So get up, look for a sports partner, and exercise regularly.