How many diets have you evaluated in the past? We are all guilty of trying to find that one diet which really works. It is time to quit planning, thinking, and reading so you can start succeeding with your diet. Medifast gets you out of the planning and thinking stages and into fast weight loss instantly.

What Makes Medifast Different?

Medifast was designed to make dieting simple. It is based upon the proven fact that eating 6 meals per day causes an increase in metabolism and speeds weight loss. That fact usually makes people crazy when planning their diet. Now you need to figure out what to eat six times per day instead of just 3. With Medifast you can make fast selections for 5 meals per day and only worry about preparing a single meal each day.

You have probably seen similar ideas from SlimFast or other diet drink companies, but MediFast is very different. The 5 meals you get though the plan can include fruit drinks, hot beverages, pancakes, brownies, pudding, stew, chili, and many other items. There are currently over 70 different selection on the MediFast plan and it keeps growing in number all the time.

You do not get bored and frustrated with your diet because you are able to eat such a wide variety of foods. Do not mistake this as meaning the diet is easy. It is a well planned low calorie diet which is exceptionally nutritious. It keeps your metabolism running high while your body must burn fat to have enough calories.

Lean and Green with MediFast

The one meal per day you are responsible for with the plan is the Lean and Green meal. This will include a lean cut of meat, preferably a chicken breast, fish, or other low fat cut, plus your choice of three vegetables. The vegetables need to be non-starchy vegetables like green beans, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and other green and leafy vegetables. Once you have read through the brief details of the plan you will be amazed at all the options you have.

Even your Lean and Green meal becomes fun with MediFast. They assist you with great ideas and recipes you can use to give yourself variety.

Is MediFast Expensive or Cheap?

Some people believe the plan is expensive while others find it a low cost option. How can it be possible it is both ways? On average you spend around $10 per day for your food items from MediFast. This would average to a little over $300 per month. It sounds high until you start doing a comparison.

Subtract out how much you would have normally spent for food on an average day. If you ate lunch out at a fast food restaurant every work day you spent more than half of that daily. That does not include what you spent for snacks and breakfast. $10 per day is actually a very low cost for 2 meals and three snacks per day. When you look at the real cost and the amazing speed of weight loss, Medifast quickly becomes one of the most cost effective diets on the market.