I had to find out a different way to lose weight because no diet worked for me. With these detoxing and fat-burning juices that I have created via my juicing weight loss program, I was finally able to succeed and reboot my system.

Today I can keep off the 40 lbs that I lost with my juicing diet because I respect my juicing ritual. It is not hard anymore like it was when I first tried to lose weight.

Here is my lemon elixir that I drink every morning before I have my first juice.


  • 1 cup of warm or room temperature source water
  • Juice from 1 lemon (organic if possible)
  • One teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • One teaspoon of raw honey ( alternatively, you can also use a couple of drops of stevia)

For example, you can use stevia if you are on a yeast cleansing diet or low sugar diet.

I drink this every morning, whether I am “feasting” or not, this is my morning coffee, and I enjoy my morning elixir ritual!

What this morning elixir ritual does for you:

This morning elixir stimulates digestion, and it releases toxins from the liver. It also jumps starts your digestive enzymes.

Benefits of this morning lemon elixir ritual:

Raw honey benefits:

  • Raw honey is loaded with minerals, vitamins & enzymes
  • It helps cleanse your liver, flushes out fat from your body when done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and remove toxins
  • Raw honey soothes indigestion (it relieves acidity in your stomach)
  • Energy booster
  • Antimicrobial and anti-fungal
  • Raw honey helps to keep your skin clear (it helps with skin conditions such as ringworms, eczema & psoriasis)

Apple Cider benefits:

  • Apple Cider is a natural remedy for heartburn
  • It can help clear up your skin conditions and acne
  • It promotes digestion, and apple cider will keep your regular
  • Apple cider helps control weight
  • It can help regulate your blood sugar
  • It is very rich in potassium and enzymes
  • Apple Cider helps reduce sinus infections and sore throats
  • It can help ease menstrual cramps
  • It also helps promote youthful, healthy bodies and skin

Lemon benefits:

  • Lemon helps make the body more alkaline (increases pH)
  • It provides lots of Vitamin C
  • It purifies your blood and detoxes you
  • Lemon is a cleansing agent & tonic for your liver by helping it produce more bile