Drinking plenty is essential, especially when it is hot! But just grabbing the sparkling water doesn’t kick you? No problem: Here are our favorite summer drinks – guaranteed refreshing, low in calories, and tasty! 

Are you drinking in the heat: why is it important? 

Water is our elixir of life: after all, the body consists of 50 to 60 percent of it. The fluid transports valuable nutrients to the cells and regulates body temperature. Since we are constantly losing water when we breathe and sweat through the kidneys, we must ensure that our fluid balance is balanced. 

Regular drinking is essential, especially in summer, as we increasingly break down water through sweat. If 1.5 to 2 liters is usually the recommended daily amount, it should be 2 to 3 liters in the heat, especially if you are active in high summer temperatures. Then your fluid requirement increases. 

What happens if you don’t drink enough? 

If you don’t drink enough, dehydration can lead to dehydration. You can tell when you feel exhausted and unable to concentrate, have a headache, or feel dizzy. Muscle cramps and digestive problems can also occur. In extreme cases, there is even a risk of heatstroke. So make sure you always drink enough, especially on hot days. 

The best drinks in the heat 

As a thirst quencher, you never go wrong with the water. If it is very hot, it is best to drink lukewarm water. Because the colder the drink, the harder your body has to work to regulate the temperature. And in the heat, you should conserve your resources. Unsweetened herbal or fruit teas are also good options. The main thing is that you avoid sweetened, alcoholic beverages as much as possible. 

Since we not only lose a lot of water through sweat but also table salt, magnesium, and other electrolytes, you can also quench your thirst with vegetable broth. 

Haven’t you found the proper thirst quencher for your taste yet? 

Here are a lot of delicious recipes: 

Summer Drinks: 9 Recipes 

Is the water too boring for you in the long run? Are you looking for a kick of freshness with which you can defy the heat and give your body back what it needs?

You are guaranteed to find the right one among our nine favorite recipes: 

# 1 Infused Water With Apple Cider Vinegar And Lemon 

The low-calorie feel-good refreshment: This summer drink is a real all-rounder. Mixed in less than five minutes, the drink hydrates and provides you with valuable nutrients from apple cider vinegar, lemon, and chia seeds. 

# 2 Hazelnut Iced Coffee 

Can’t you do anything without coffee? No problem, even in the heat, you don’t have to do without your Lifesaver. Our recipe for iced coffee with a deliciously nutty note and completely sugar-free is perfect for starting a new summer’s day. 

# 3 Pear Ginger Summer Drink 

Natural caffeine meets sweet pear and a pleasantly spicy ginger note in this summer drink: the mocktail wakes you up and refreshes you. Without any chemicals or sugar! What more do you want? Try our recipe right away! 

# 4 Berry Mint Drink 

Here comes a refreshingly fruity thirst quencher that wakes you up even after a long summer night: This drink combines fruity berries with refreshing mint and natural caffeine from guarana ginseng & mate. And best of all: Our recipe works in less than five minutes. 

# 5 Lemon Mint Ice Tea Monkey hot? 

Then our iced tea is just right for you. It provides healthy cooling and gives you a gentle start to the day. The Morning Energy Tea consists of matcha and mate, combined with fresh lemon and a hint of mint. Convince yourself with our recipe! 

# 6 Iced Green Tea Green tea fan? 

Then you have to try this summer drink: brew green tea, let it cool, a pimp with lemon and mint, and serve over ice. Delicious and refreshing! 

# 7 Lemon Water

You can’t get down pure water? Then refresh yourself with this super simple but no less delicious summer drink! You can use it to freshen up the whole day with a clear conscience because our lemon water recipe has zero calories. 

# 8 Ginger Lemon Water 

Quickly prepared, low in calories, and delicious: with our recipe, you can turn your water into a natural vitamin C bomb! Not only do you hydrate your body, but lemon and ginger also strengthen your immune system. 

# 9 Grapefruit Mocktail 

Do you fancy a delicious cocktail in the evening sun, without any alcohol? Our grapefruit mocktail is fun and provides the long-awaited cooling off after a long summer day. Curious? Try our recipe right away!


  • The human body consists of 50 to 60 percent water.
  • The body loses water, especially when it is hot – you can and should balance your fluid balance through drinking.
  • At high summer temperatures, it makes sense to drink 2 to 3 liters per day, depending on the level of physical activity.
  • When it is very hot, prefer low-calorie or calorie-free, lukewarm drinks.
  • If water is too monotonous for you, you can try one of our summer drink recipes.