Hip gold, swim ring, or Mon Cheri belt – whatever charming terms we come up with for our bacon rolls, they are just annoying. But as quickly as the lower belly fat develops, it can also recede soon. How it goes? With these 13 tips.

1.Sleep longer reduces belly fat

The body burns a lot of fat during sleep. That means: if you sleep a lot, you lose more weight. Seven to nine hours per night is ideal.

2.Longer break between supper and night’s rest

Try not to eat the last meal of the day too close to bedtime. The longer you are awake after eating, the more fat reserves your body attacks during the night. If you wake up with a growling stomach, the interval between dinner and bedtime was guaranteed to be long enough.

3.Drinking a lot of causes pounds to drop

You should aim for two to three liters of fluids per day to get your metabolism going. Only an active metabolism attacks the love handles. To drink enough daily, a drinking bottle is particularly suitable for on the go. With a bottle made of double-walled stainless steel, your drinks will stay cold all day in summer.

4.Vitamin C miracle cure against lifebuoys

Vitamin C is an ingenious fat killer. Not only does it stimulate your metabolism, but it also makes it easier for iron to be absorbed in the blood. This, in turn, is important for oxygen transport because your body needs a lot of oxygen to break down fat. A study by the University of Arizona found vitamin C can increase fat burning by up to 33 percent. There are two other reasons for this. For example, the body needs the growth hormone HGH to burn fat at night, but this can only be produced with a sufficient intake of the vitamin. The hormone norepinephrine produced in the adrenal gland, which supports fat loss, also requires vitamin C.

5.Minerals and trace elements combat belly fat

Vitamins and vital substances such as calcium, magnesium, chromium, and manganese are essential for stimulating the metabolism and thus for fat loss. Eat a healthy, balanced diet with high-quality ingredients. Tomatoes, for example, contain a lot of chromium, and this is what your body needs to break down sugar. How about a tomato salad tonight?

6.Keeping a log helps you lose weight

Those who control their eating and drinking behavior avoid excessive calorie intake. Keeping a diet log regularly is considered one of the most effective weight loss methods. Write down your daily meals, and you will notice how your head is preventing your stomach from unnecessarily large portions.

7.Regular meals prevent cravings

Similar meal times also promote fat loss. This is because regular meals avoid strong blood sugar fluctuations, and consequently, the food cravings, which are particularly dangerous for belly fat, do not occur.

8.Eating enough breakfast helps you lose weight

The day should start with a healthy breakfast. Long-filling but healthy foods such as quark with fruit or whole-grain muesli are ideal. If you leave the house hungry in the morning, you run the risk of becoming weak at the bakery on the next corner and greasy food.

9.Ride a bike instead of a car

Cycling is just as good for the metabolism as jogging or swimming, and it also saves a lot on gasoline costs. With a lovely bike basket or cool saddlebags, even shopping on the bike is fun.

10.A quarter of an hour daily movement

All those who don’t like sports should be told that just 15 minutes of physical activity a day help to permanently get rid of belly fat. You don’t have to lace up your sports shoes or run to the gym. It is enough to take the stairs instead of the elevator and distribute strenuous work around the house or the garden more evenly. Cleaning windows, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, vacuuming, and mopping the floor are all excellent fat killers. It will also be clean and tidy afterward.

11.Defuse stressors, get rid of belly fat

It’s so easy to say, yet it’s complicated: Avoiding stress helps enormously break down lower abdominal fat. Therefore, try to defuse your most significant stressors as much as possible. Despite total sugar and fat stores, your body otherwise constantly demands more calories under constant stress.

12.Avoid feeling hungry

Starvation only flattens the stomach for a short time. Badly, your body notices that the fat stores are insufficient to supply it in times of need. At the next best opportunity (some buffet party is guaranteed to come), he builds up even more fat cells on the safe side – first on the stomach.

13.Abdominal training for the lazy

Even a soft bed is a good place for abdominal exercises. Simply lie on your back and move your upper body towards your knees. The more you do this, the more it pinches in your stomach, and you noticeably shoot your unloved fat cells. Incidentally, this also works while sitting on a chair. Slide right in front of the chair and lift both feet off the floor at the same time.