Nature has already arranged it very cleverly: Our body shows us what it needs in various ways. It is only up to us to recognize these signs and act accordingly.

The things mentioned here are typical signals that your body needs internal cleansing. If you notice these signs, it’s time for a detox.


Constant exhaustion and tiredness are classic signs that the body needs a break. He is constantly busy transporting toxins out of the body. If you take this burden off him by detoxifying him, you will quickly find that the exhaustion subsides, and you go through life fresher and more alert again.

2.Slow thinking

Do you understand connections very quickly, and are you otherwise fixed in your thinking? If you now find that it takes an unusually long time to make decisions and understand, this can also be a sign that your mind has lost its capacity due to overload.

3.Body odor

If you suddenly suffer from body odor, although you have no other problems, this is also an indication that your body needs a detox cure. Bad breath, in particular, then occurs frequently. But sweat and intimate odor can also increase when it is time for a detox.

4.Poor complexion

The skin not only reflects how our soul is doing, but it is also an important indicator of how things are going with our physical health. If your skin shows redness, acne, or other irritation, this can also be a sign of toxins in the body. In addition to a detox cure, skin-clarifying masks that cleanse and soothe are also helpful here.

5.Digestive Problems

Regular digestion is essential to a healthy body. If it comes to a standstill, the removal of harmful toxins can no longer function. If you suffer from constipation, you should urgently relieve your body with a detox cure.

6.Weight gain

If you eat the same way as you have before and are not less active in sports but still gain weight, this may be due to hormonal reasons, but it may also indicate that the body is overloaded with toxins. Please give him a longer detox cycle to regain his balance.


During the night, the body should shut down and come to rest. But if he is struggling too much with the toxins, it is not possible for him. If you do not find sleep despite sleep tricks and relaxation exercises, a detox cure can help.