Cellulite doesn’t just look unsightly. Much worse than the aesthetic problem: cellulite can also indicate that something is wrong with your body. What, read here.

It is pretty standard for the body or its connective tissue to lose tension with age. The result is cellulite. However, what can still cause the dents on the thighs or other parts of the body is incorrect handling of the body. These three things favor the development of cellulite:

They add too many harmful substances

Harmful substances that are deposited in your body favor the unsightly dents in the problem areas. What helps against this: Either avoid the substances – or purify the body from time to time. What is also effective against toxins: Relieve the tissue through massages or special treatment with dry sponges. This stimulates blood circulation and helps to transport the substances out of the body.

You are not consuming enough nutrients for cellulite

When you have cellulite, you need certain nutrients that are effective against the dimples. Your diet should be high in collagen (beef broth is suitable here, for example) or stimulate collagen production (with lettuce and fruit and vegetables containing vitamin C, such as lemons or parsley). The perfect complement to make the fat cells shrink is detox cures and, of course, enough exercise.

You move too little

You can also remove toxins through the lymphatic fluid in your body. But: The removal of the lymph fluid requires physical exercise. So it is wrong if you sit most of the time and rarely move. Plus: if you move around a lot, you sweat and wash toxins out of your body in this way.