Why does every personal trainer, doctor, and nutritionist recommend consuming healthy raw foods organic and natural homegrown foods?

This is because of the secret of the production of processed food.

The packaging of this heat-treated food may say that it has various nutrients and benefits for your health, but that is not true. It’s just a simple ad.

Are you aware that this type of food is actually the most harmful for you and your health and it causes obesity and various diseases?

Why is it actually better to eat raw organic food?

It is evident that such food does not go through the processing process, i.e. it is not brought to factories.

 Everything that passes through the factories is harmful to you and your health because there are various preservatives for survival on food.

 Organic and unprocessed foods do not contain artificial sugars or preservatives.

The conservancy that is added to food makes it last longer but also makes it very unhealthy to consume.

Organic foods provide much more nutrients than processed foods, such as vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Raw organic food farmer

Processed food that is pre-packaged is full of artificial salts and sugars that make it nutritious.

Thus, this food causes obesity.

And when you consume sugar and salt together in large quantities, the fat in your body rises abnormally.

Never buy canned or packaged products whenever you plan to eat healthy food.

 Instead, always opt for natural and completely organic foods.

When it says that there is low fat or low sugar on the package, it means that it has added chemical compositions that are very unhealthy for your body and do not help you lose weight, but it is quite the opposite.

What to eat when dieting if you want to lose weight?


You may not be aware, but you have countless options that are healthy and good for you and not heat-treated.

What Organic Foods Should You Eat?

 – Whole grains such as beans, lentils, peas, green beans, and rice.

– Various organic fruits and vegetables that are in your nearest market.

– Natural organic meat, eggs, and milk from animals.

Organic fruits and vegetables have nothing chemical in them. However, some farmers and companies spray fruits and vegetables with chemicals to make them bigger and last longer.

They also add pesticides to protect them from various insects.

When we eat sprayed food, we actually ingest those chemicals and pesticides, and we get multiple diseases over time.

As for meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products, fresh organic things are very rare.

 Most often in villages where domestic animals personally produce milk, meat, and eggs.

Mother and child holding organic food

This kind of food is the healthiest for you and the best, but you can rarely find it anywhere.

In the past, our ancestors were all healthy and fit and lived a long life precisely because of this life, which is no longer available to us.

Any meat you buy in the market is harmful and unhealthy for you because it is thermally heated.

Try to find healthier and more natural foods. For example, buy homemade milk, find homemade meat and village animal eggs. Go fishing alone and catch some fresh fish.

Such food has no side effects. There are no harmful sugars, fats, or chemicals that will cause you diseases.

I know it’s hard, but there is still organic food that is planted, grown, and processed naturally. It is an integral part of our environment and our lives.

In this way, you will help your overall health and speed up your metabolism. As a result, the full function of your body and organs will be much better.

You will be vital, thin, and fit, and the most important thing is that you will be healthy and have a long life!